Shri RamNiwasji H.Goyal
Born : 09-11-1942 at Falna
Death : 13-08-1996 at Mumbai

The Umbrella City of India

This site is dedicated to Shri RamNiwas Hansrajji Goyal , popularly known as Niwas bhai, who was born in the first resident family of Falna in November 1942.

Falna in Rajasthan state of India was initially a very small village on B.B. & C.I. Railway (Bombay Baroda & Central Indian Railway) with very few families of Agarwal cast. Today it becomes a big township with all infrastructures. Falna is famous for its School and College and also for Industries particularly Umbrella. Very soon you will find here all kind of information on this township.

Sanjeev - Rajeev - Shailesh
Mesheil - Resheil - Darsh - Shivansh  and Goyal Family

Shri Jairam B. Goyal
Born :01.09.1937 at Sheoganj
Death : 25.09.2006 at Falna

This site is also dedicated to Shri Jairam B Goyal , popularly known as Jairamji, who started first electrical goods stores in FALNA, It was when there was no electricity in FALNA in 1961,These stores are now popularly known as FALNA ENTERPRISES and FALNA ELECTRONIC ENTERPRISES in the heart of FALNA, Started with BULB and very basic electrical goods and now the range reached to LED, AIRCONDITIONERS, REFRIGERATORS, WASHING MACHINES, WIRES & CABLES, MICROWAVES, FLOUR MILLS, INVERTORS and WATER PURIFIERS etc. everything in electrical and electronics with the trusted backup of experience and quality service.

Anil - Sunil - Praveen
Prateek - Suramya - Devang  and Goyal Family


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